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The Color of Language

Intercultural communication focuses on a respect for human cultural diversity. My facilitation and teaching focuses on building self-awareness in order to foster meaningful bridges across cultures, language and identity within and including the African Diasporic community.


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Dr. Anderson's statement at the end really resonated: "Remember that you are teaching your students to be HUMAN in another language." Loved the reminders about the importance of representation for our Black and Brown students when learning another language: if they don't see themselves as speakers of this language, they will have no real reason to learn or retain it! Thank you for an awesome conversation!

Just finished Kami Jamila's conversation with Devon Carroll Gunning and I have to say that this was the most important presentation I've watched so far. So many important ideas were shared and discussed.

Kami Jamila your chat with La Libre Language Learning was just so so important! Absolutely wonderful listening to your ideas!  I work in a fairly diverse school, in Alabama. So, it's so important for me to help my students feel represented and able to see themselves, and to be able to use the language to express themselves in authentic ways. Thank you for your energy and messages!

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