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Consulting & Trainings

Intercultural communication focuses on a respect for human cultural diversity. My facilitation and teaching focus on building self-awareness in order to foster meaningful bridges across cultures, language and identity within the African American community.

For Universities


Internationalizing your courses to promote and support education abroad initiatives


Study Abroad is not just a "White Girl" thing: Taking advantage of education abroad as a student of color

Making my academic path global

Intercultural Communication

Identity and self awareness for youth and adults

Developing affinity groups in the workplace

More than just a buzz word: The impact of implicit bias 

For Homeschoolers & Childcare Providers

It always fits: Language Immersion and your education program

Do it right the 1st time: Adding Spanish to your curriculum

Collaborative Trainings

I LOVE to collaborate with like-minded organizations and individuals!

Feel free to contact me for an AKOMA (heart-to-heart) Call so we can see if we would make a great combination! 


Ohmygoodness! I love this presentation! What a beautiful way to start the close of Black History and kick-off Women’s History. All of it is so inspirational. Les veo, mi gente actually made me tear up…


Thank you so much for this. This will be amazing.

- S. Mayer


—  Name, Title

Past Signature Workshops

Mending the Broken Trust between Black and White Women

Co-Facilitated Workshops for your organization with

Dr. Kami J. Anderson and Dr. Joy L. Wiggins

So much “stuff “ exists in the relationship space between Black women and White women. And we don’t talk about it much—at least not in the relationship space. Broken trust, historical roles, impact of privilege and oppression, disparate access to opportunity, perceived competence, status and real power—this is some of the “stuff” in the relationship space. Our goal is to open up dialogue, in alliance with other participants, so that more trusting relationships might emerge, ones in which the parties understand how to demonstrate mutual care and respect. 

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