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"Honestly, Kami is one of the most passionate women I know when it comes to language. "

-- Imani Aieshah, Relationship Coach

—  Name, Title

Linguist - Author - Scholar

I LOVE to work with other phenomenal people and organizations! Are you next?

I welcome any opportunities to speak with your organization! Listed below are my traditional fees to speak at your event. I look forward working with you!


Your investment includes:


  • A personal consultation with Dr. Anderson prior to your event

  • Planning time, including conference calls with meeting organizers

  • Customized, interactive content to coincide with specific event objectives

  • Customized, interactive digital presentation, if applicable

  • Delivery of presentation

  • Attendance at one (1) VIP reception scheduled during the event

Select Speaking Topics

  • Black children and the Achievement Gap Myth  

  • Raising bilingual children in a global society 

  • The impact of bilingualism on black identity 

  • Teaching cultural competence with an African-centered approach

  • Common misconceptions with Black children and study abroad  

  • My life as a #blackbilingualmama  

  • Traveling while Black for health and rejuvenation  

  • From sabotage to support: A new vision for feminist solidarity at work

Just a little taste of the fuego I bring to my topics!



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